Flexus™ Bendable Concrete Innovation

Reid™ Construction Systems has been a major innovator in the construction industry over the past 25 years and now brings a major technological leap using “bendable concrete”. Flexus™, a fibre-reinforced engineered cementitious composite (ECC), provides the structural integrity of reinforced concrete but without the weight or thickness.

We have developed a range of applications for this new building material focusing on areas such as a modular suspended stair system, cladding, building and wharf strengthening, and a variety of sprayed and cast Flexus™ elements.

Latest from our Blog

Flexus Mining

NEW APPLICATION FOR FLEXUS We have added Flexus Mining to our website after participating trials in underground coal and hard rock mines in Australia.  For more information on Flexus for mining [...]

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Spray-on Solutions to Earthquake Strengthening

How do you keep the façade of a 100 year old historical council building and go about seismic retrofitting it to the current code? The objective of seismic strengthening is [...]

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